Wind of changes…

Nowadays everything is changing. And so it is with us. We have put down our little company. But these already are all the bad news we have.

The good news are: We will continue our services as freelancers in the same way as we did before but with our new name Richter’s. The only difference is that we take help of a company named FrilansFinans to do all the administrative things, write the bills, collect the money, pay all the taxes and fees we have to pay. Another possibility for you as our customer is to employ us for just the time you need, for a guiding tour, a German lesson, a translation.

We hope that all these administrative things will become much easier for us and for you, too. And we are looking forward a good collaboration with our existing customers and with new ones even in the future.

As we did since 1998 we still offer services like tourist guiding in German and Russian, translations from Swedish and English into German and Russian, from Russian and German into Swedish and from German into Russian and vice versa.

For more information please have a look at our German, Russian and Swedish sites or contact us via


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