Kaffeeklatsch & Co.

New language course concepts will be launched in February by Richter’s mångsyssleri in cooperation with the Club Tucholsky community. For more information in Swedish check out our Swedish site.

One of them will be called Kaffeeklatsch. It’s called efter the German Kaffeeklatsch, where Germans meet and talk and drink coffee – as long as possible. We will hold our Kaffeeklatsches for about one and a half hours and during this time we will have some coffee as well as some cookies. But we will even talk, German of course, discussing various fields of interests on the basis of a book or a newspaper article we read or a film we have seen, music we have heart during some weeks before the lesson. The courses can be hold every week for a permanent group or as drop-in courses for those who are only interested in some lessons.

The other course is called Futtern wie bei Muttern, Eat as at Mom’s. Here we hire a kitchen and cook together, from studying the receipts until eating the food. A lot of all day words will be taught by this way – and the whole thing in a funny and delicious way.

Both courses will be given at the same day of the week and will last for at least ten weeks – with one break in February and one in April. We are right now working on finding a place for us to be, probably in the Mårtens fälad neighbourhood in Lund.

The prize for one lesson will be 100 SEK.

Herzlich Willkommen!


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