Based in Scania since 1998 and Lund since 2004 we are able to come to every place within 100 kilometres to give you lessons and consulting services in a lot of languages.

Via us you can hire your language teacher in

  • Swedish
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Italian

among others. Our teachers have documented experience from teaching youngesters at Swedish primary schools and gymnasiums as well as adults at evening courses at enterprizes in the surroundings of Malmö and Lund and Swedish educational associations as first of all Folkuniversitetet, but even Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan or Medborgarskolan.

Currently our teachers give lessons in Swedish, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German in cooperation with Folkuniversitetet in Lund and Malmö and other language teaching promoters. But we have been working with firms like Mercedes-Benz, Green Cargo and Svalöf Weibull among others in the past.

At the same time we are combining lessons and travelling by organizing travels to other countries focusing on language learning by doing, i e, by taking a bath in the language you want to learn in the land where the language is spoken. Doing this we have found partners in Berlin and other places in Europe.

In addition, we have own courses. Find out more here.

Please surf on our sites in German, Russian and Swedish to find out more.

Don’t hesitate – take contact with us.

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